"It was probably the most helpful thing ... you really, really helped me a lot with organization and

planning ... I now have a big wall calendar and I'm running every day ... I realized I had always wanted to

go to med school and that there was a way to do it, in Greece ... and I just got a 90 on my evolution


N.C., College Senior, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH

"I'm at work this morning and just used one of the strategies you taught me - I thought of you!  Thank

you for everything you did for me last semester - it really helped me a lot."

A.L., Graduate Student, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

"I wanted to thank you again for all your help this past year (!) and to let you know how things

concluded here with me.  Classes went remarkably well.  My lowest grade this term was higher than my

highest grade my first term.  The paper, which I had lost all confidence in, was very well received.  To

top it all off, as of today, I actually have a job waiting for me in September.  :)  ... I sure do appreciate

your sticking through all this work with me over the past months ... you've really helped me to grapple

with what I needed to and to begin to work out some better work structures."

J.E., Graduate Student, Cambridge, MA

“I also wanted to share the good news with you. I got all honors and an award in one of my core classes!!

I wanted to thank you again for everything! I know so much of the improvement in my . . . experience

is thanks to your help and encouragement.”

Graduate Student, Cambridge, MA

“Your help this past year was invaluable.  Our meetings have taught me how to manage my life, visualize

my goals, and plan for success. I am sorry that I won’t be able to enjoy working with you this year.”

B.A., College Student

“I want to take a moment to thank you for your guidance, advice, and encouragement throughout the

year … Though it was difficult to focus on school with so much happening in my life, the strategies and

philosophies you provided helped get me work my way back on track.”

Graduate Student, Cambridge, MA

“Since it will be a while until we see each other, I just wanted to say thank you for your help and

guidance.  Our meetings have been really helpful in navigating a difficult time and have given me tools I

find myself returning to daily.  I really appreciate your patience, understanding, and insight.”

Student, Harvard Law School

"I just wanted to write a thank you note for all the support and help you and fellow students have shared

with me. It's always good to hear from you and other students on Monday mornings and get motivated

and ready to go for the whole week. It's been a great time and I appreciate your input deeply!"

Graduate Student Workshop Participant, Cambridge, MA

"Thank you for all your good advice and willingness to listen to all of us.  Sometimes I think we grad

students just need a little more mother or father in our lives . . . even though we want to act so

independent and maintain some kind of self-reliant, 'I've made it' attitude.  I really enjoyed our section."

Graduate Student Workshop Participant, Cambridge, MA

"Thank you again for coming tonight. Everyone enjoyed your presentation and gained a lot of insight on

time management. Sometimes something as simple as clearing out two hours in one's schedule or

simply arriving in class 5 minutes early can make a big difference, and I think your presentation

definitely clarified that for the audience."

Xuxinye (May) Xu, CEO, Smart Woman Securities, Brown University, 2014

“… I feel like I have been better about showing up for work on time.  I also feel like I am better at setting

aside specific time during the week to be with my girlfriend.  I thank you for that intimate and helpful

class last spring.  I realize the importance of prioritizing things in my life more than ever.  Hope you

continue mentoring graduate students about how to make best decisions about how they spend time

their time.”

Graduate Student Workshop Participant, Cambridge, MA

“Great eye opener and kick-starter for the new semester. Indebted to Dorothy for her insights, patience

and willingness to help.”

Graduate Student Workshop Participant, Cambridge, MA

“Absolutely useful!  Highly recommend!”

Graduate Student Workshop Participant, Cambridge, MA

“Starting a new business in tough economic times is a challenge, and Dorothy has been a hugely positive

influence and inspiration throughout.  Through her guidance, I've been able to pinpoint what I value

most in life, and use it as a foundation for my work.  Dorothy has brought fresh and innovative

approaches to help me manage a huge array of issues, from team development, to priority setting and

client relationships.  I have always been challenged and stimulated by my work with her - it's the part of

the work that I know will be oriented toward outcomes, change and positive action.  Dorothy is a

pleasure to work with ... and delivers."

Rick Harris, Owner and Managing Director, CustomerFaithful, St. Albans, U.K.

“… Thank you for all of the advice and mostly for helping me to ask the right questions of myself. I've

not doubted the path for one moment since I made the decisions.” 

Amy L., Attorney

"Dorothy has a great way of bringing you into your own focus ... what I mean by that is this:  when you

are discussing a situation or an aspect of your personality, sort of going along your own little road with

it, Dorothy will quietly turn your focus to something that will literally open your eyes to a perspective

you've never considered before.  She poses questions that make you reflect in an active, rather than

passive, way, She's just really, really good at what she does."

Jennifer Cook, Maynard, MA

"It's definitely been a privilege to work with you and I would love to share that with others (other than

my friends who already know how much I like working with you)." 

R.W., Sarasota, FL

"I love being coached by Dorothy, because I know she has room in her heart for all of who I am.  She

brings such a quality of adventure and interested curiosity to our coaching sessions, that I find myself

forging ahead in ways I would not have even thought to do on my own.  With her along, even difficult

journeys seem more enjoyable.  I look forward to every session!  I recommend her highly."

Bev S., Santa Barbara, CA

"Dorothy has an amazing way of supporting you during her coaching sessions, and she is so committed

to seeing beyond any limiting beliefs we may hold of ourselves.  I highly recommend hiring Dorothy as

your life coach.  She is real, she has a huge heart and will hold you in the highest light so you can be your

fullest self."

Sue Vittner, Raleigh, NC

“So many years ago when you first started coaching me you asked me to tell you something I wanted to

accomplish and I said I wanted to ride STP. You told me to do it! I started with a 9-mile bike ride over 6

of the bridges in Portland and yesterday I completed the 204-mile bike ride from Seattle to Portland,

the STP. I just wanted to thank you again for helping me realize I have the courage and strength to fulfill

my goals.”

MJ, Former Client, Portland, OR


dorothy@dorothybisbee.com   •   978-407-9326