Dorothy Bisbee, JD, CCMC, PCC

Academic, Career and ADHD/Executive Function Coach

A former environmental lawyer and law teacher, I started coaching as a

consulting learning specialist for Harvard graduate students in 2006.

My specialty is academic coaching for law students with ADHD and other

learning differences and challenges. I also provide career, academic, life

and ADHD coaching for college and graduate students, lawyers and

other professionals.

Clients can benefit in areas like these:

•  Time Management

•  Study Strategies

•  Writing Skills

•  Life Balance

•  Goal-Setting

•  Prioritization

•  Values Identification

•  Deeper Self-Knowledge

•  Stronger Self-Acceptance

•  Improved Self-Regulation

•  New Perspectives

•  Insights into ADHD/EF

•  Career Assessment

•  Career Exploration

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